How To Raise Credit Score 100 Points Overnight?

You can only raise credit score 100 points overnight only if you are a real victim of identity theft. Adding 100 points to your credit score overnight is somewhat unrealistic. However, the good news, you can start getting the results in as low as a month or two, depending on what situation you are in. Read on to know more about the ways to raise credit score quickly. Here in this blog, we will be also covering all the formulas that are used to calculate a credit score and we’ll discuss more on all the actions that you can take right away in order to boost your credit health.  

How Can You Calculate Your Credit Score?

Before starting off the process of calculating your credit score, it is essential to know how these numbers are calculated. In most cases, creditors and lenders use FICO scores to make correct credit decisions. FICO score is generally derived from all the information that comes in your credit reports from companies such as TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian

Ways To Raise Credit Score 100 Points Overnight: The Formula

  • Length Of Credit History (15%): Customers having years of credit history are always taken into consideration by the creditors..
  • Payment History Of Creditors (35%): Creditors always want to know if all your credit bills are paid on time. In case there is a delay of thirty or more days, in paying your credit bills, a negative mark is added and it remains there for the next seven years. It is a very important factor that can hurt your credit score.
  • Credit Mix (10%): It is always a good idea to maintain a balance of revolving accounts and installments. Most creditors are eager to know if you have experience in managing both of them.
  • Inquiries Made On Credit (10%): Each and every time you apply for a loan, an inquiry is generated. If you have more credit inquiries, it indicates a strong feeling of financial distress to the creditors and lenders. Apart from that, your credit score takes a small hit, especially if you submit a credit application.
  • Number Of Accounts Owed (30%): This is generally calculated by taking a rough percentage of available credit across all the bank accounts that are used by you every month. It can be a really great idea if this figure can be kept below thirty percent or even lower. 


What Is The Actual Time Period Required To Get Your Credit Score Updated?

Though the ways to raise credit score 100 points overnight are nearly impossible you can always. This depends completely on the credit card issuer or the lender. Most of these financial agencies report to the credit bureaus at least once or twice a month. Their reporting date can be easily confirmed by reaching out to them directly. However, it is also important to not expect your score and credit report to directly reflect any sorts of payments until and unless the monthly update of your credit score is done. 

Tip And Tricks To Update Your Credit Score By More Than A Hundred Points

  • Try disputing all your errors.
  • Always monitor your progress.
  • Try paying all your bills on time.
  • Always try to keep your balances as low as possible. 
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  • Disputing All Your Errors: Whenever you file a dispute of your credit score, the bureaus generally get around thirty days to investigate and then reach a decision. In case the creditor responds immediately and if the bureaus rule in your favor, then you can instantly see an adjustment made to your credit score. But in case the creditor or lender takes a bit of time to respond, then it might take almost a month to get your credit score updated.  
  • Monitoring Your Progress: It’s best to subscribe to a credit monitoring service. That way you can make sure your credit score is heading in the right direction.
  • Paying Bills On Time: Since bill payments arean important part of your credit history, it is important that you pay all your debts timely every month. In case the current due dates of your payments don’t work that great for you, it is always a good idea to get them changed.
  • Keeping Your Balances Low: The sweet spot for credit utilization is generally thirty percent or lower. Try paying off all the outstanding balances on your account just to receive this thirty percent benchmark. In case the thirty percent is a long stretch, then try paying as much as possible in order to see an increase in the overall credit score. 
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While it is impossible to raise credit score 100 points overnight, all the above four points can surely be of great help in building your overall credit profile at a time period of about two months. By learning how a credit score actually works and the ways in which you can practice healthy credit usage you can go on your own to obtain a better credit score. With a good credit score, you can get approval for mortgages easily, increasing your chances to buy all your dream purchases. If you want to increase your credit score with your rent, we at Credit Rent Boost can surely help you with your endeavors. Credit Rent Boost we believe good tenants should get good credit by reporting their monthly rent payments.

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