Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

Enhance Your Business with Rent Reporting Services

We enjoy the opportunity to create strategic partnerships with companies in order to build fantastic win-win relationships!   We offer a white label solution to enable our partners to easily offer rent reporting to their customer base, thus enabling a quick new highly profitable revenue stream.   Almost all renters can benefit from a better credit profile, so now you can easily include rent reporting as part of your value proposition to your customers – achieving a great value add to your existing product offering.

White Label Rent Reporting Solution
Our strategic partner program is designed for companies and organizations that wish to offer rent reporting to their customers within their websites and apps.  Although the data and details are forwarded to 950 Credit, the customer experience is a look and feel of never leaving the partner’s website or app.  We offer this experience by the use of our API or our Hosted Enrollment Form.  Although our strategic partner program is designed for companies and organizations with larger potential volumes; please see our affiliate program if your organization doesn’t meet these volume requirements.  Our affiliate program offers a great opportunity to participate in offering rent reporting services to a smaller customer base.

Quick to market Hosted Enrollment Form
We understand that our partners will want to keep their customers on their website/apps while offering the rent reporting services – and this generally is achieved by the use of API technology.  However, it often takes longer than expected to integrate an application by the use of API technology and therefore delaying the related product’s launch.  To solve this problem, we created a Hosted Enrollment Form (HEF) which allows for a quick-to-market offering of rent reporting services.  A strategic partner can supply a button on their app that calls a link to this HEF.  The HEF can be modified with the colors of the strategic partner and their logo can be added to the HEF as well.  This is a great solution to use either while you are developing the API integration OR it can be a great way to test the rent reporting service offering to your customer base.

Easy to use Partner Data Bridge API
We understand that many of our strategic partners will want a much more direct integration that gives them full control.  This is where our Partner Data Bridge API comes into play.   Our easy-to-use API enables our partners to directly integrate within their applications and database to offer rent reporting services.  

Strategic Partner Portal
Our strategic partners can manage their rent reporting customer base within their own applications, or they are welcome to use our strategic partner portal to monitor and manage these customers.

Great Revenue Sharing Opportunity
Our strategic partners enjoy a generous revenue sharing opportunity whereby up to 50/50 revenue sharing programs can be achieved!   With our white labeled rent reporting services, you can create a new profit center for your company or organization.


Just fill out the Strategic Partner Contact Us form below.   A staff member will reach out to set up a discovery meeting after your information is reviewed.   After a mutual NDA is executed, then you can begin right away.  With our Hosted Enrollment Form, you can actually be up and running as soon as you can get a link put onto your app!

As a rule of thumb, if your customer base is more than 1000 potential renters or if your anticipated monthly enrollment rate for rent reporting services would be more than 50 per month; then you would be a great candidate for our SP Program!  If your volumes are less than previously mentioned, you may want to explore our Affiliate Program.  (Partner With Us link at the bottom of this page).

In general, we bill our strategic partners for the rent reporting services at a discount to what they will charge their customers.  This discount depends on volume - with a higher discount available for higher volumes.  The end goal is to offer up to a 50% discount on our services; thus making us 50/50 Partners!

Customer service can be handled by either the strategic partner or by 950 Credit.  The more that the strategic partner does in the way of customer service, then normally the better the discount offered regarding our rent reporting services.   If the strategic partner is doing the customer service, then they can either use their own internal platform - or they are welcome to use our Strategic Partner Portal (see section in What Technology is Available).

Some examples of types of companies that have great success as a strategic partner of 950 Credit are Banks, Neobanks, Personal Finance Websites , Real Estate Companies, Large Property Management Companies and Software Companies specializing in Real Estate and/or Property Management to name a few.  Virtually any company that has a large customer base of renters could become a great strategic partner with 950 Credit.

Hosted Enrollment Form

The Hosed Enrollment Form (HEF) is a quick-to-market solution for offering rent reporting services to your customers.  The HEF is very flexible in that it allows for enrolling of customers in three ways:  (1) When they are in person with you, or (2) You may enroll them and have them sign remotely, or (3) They can enroll themselves.   You simply add a link to your app or website, and you have now enabled renter reporting services for your customers!

Partner Data Bridge API

Our API allows for an easy seamless integration into your app, offering the most flexible integration of rent reporting services to your customer base.  The API documentation is available after a discovery call and a mutual NDA has been executed.

Strategic Partner Portal

You will be able to monitor and manage all of your customers that have enrolled in rent reporting services with the use of our strategic partner portal.  The portal is available to you regardless of whether you use the Hosted Enrollment Form or our API to enroll customers.   You can monitor the progress of your customers, manage the uploading of information and documents required to move their file forward, communicate with 950 Credit staff if there are questions or there are escalated customer service issues,  etc.  You can also stay apprised of billing information from 950 Credit as it relates to your rent reporting customers.

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