, a division of 950 Credit, Inc., works with tenants and landlords in the Dallas and Fort Worth area to track monthly rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax in order to enhance credit scores! Most property management businesses and landlords are unable to provide this service due to reporting limits and a comprehensive vetting process for the reporter. We’re here to make this process easier and possible with our rent reporting services and free rental history checks for all names on the lease agreement. As a result, roommates and your spouses in Dallas may be eligible for credit for their payments, allowing them to swiftly increase their credit score. We can also establish credit for you if you pay regularly pay rent on time. We are also able go back up to the last 24 months and report those for you in addition.

The real estate market in Dallas and the Fort Worth area is currently a seller’s market, as it is in most of the country. The low supply/high demand situation has pushed prices up and experts predict this trend will continue over the next year. For those who qualify for mortgages, low interest rates can help counteract the rising prices and boost their purchasing power. If you’re a renter, your best chance to qualify for a mortgage and get a lower interest rate is to have a high credit score. An easy way to boost your score is to report your on-time rent payments to the credit bureaus, which helps establish a strong credit history and shows reliability. Though individuals can’t do this on their own, Credit Rent Boost can do it for you! We can help you grow your credit score to be as big as anything else in Texas.