Rent —  it’s something we’ve all paid and at times, struggled with. For such a common and reoccurring payment, why shouldn’t this positively affect our credit scores? Most property management companies and landlords are not currently able to offer this service due to reporting guidelines and a strict vetting process for the reporter. We’re here to help in that process and are eager and able to work with all names on the lease agreement. This means that roommates and spouses can also receive credit for their payments. Additionally, we’ll work with you to apply the past 24 months of rental payment history to your credit report. This is an outstanding opportunity due to the fact that studies have shown the longer the existing tradeline reports, the stronger it affects your score!

No recurring Monthly Fees: 
At 950 Credit Rent Boost,, our mission is to truly help you improve your credit and hopefully improve your life by opening many new doors. We do not charge any monthly recurring fees. If you are enrolling in our past rent reporting, it’s a one-time fee of $45 for the last twelve months, or $60 for the last twenty-four months (per tenant).  If you elect to build an even stronger trade-line, we can add current rent reporting – from today for the next twelve months.  With our current reporting, the cost is only $45 for the year for one tenant, and $80 for two tenants (on the same lease).  If you elect to continue the reporting after your first year, you simply pay for your next twelve months at the current renewal rate.

100% Money Back Guarantee!
 While it is our goal to help all tenants, not all landlords will be able to provide the necessary information required.  If we are unable to work with your landlord/property manager or verify your rental history, we will immediately issue you a full refund.  You can enroll with confidence.

Quick & Easy Sign up:
Within just a few minutes you can be fully signed up.  The more information you initially provide us, the quicker we can get your new tradeline on your credit report — And don’t worry, if you do not have your lease agreement, photo id, or rent ledger handy, you can always submit those documents after you enroll.

A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau:
 950 Credit,, is very proud to be a member of the BBB. We work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our level of service.  We understand the high ethical commitment that is required of our company to offer a service of this kind.