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950 Credit, Inc. was created when a local realtor saw a great need for his clients. He had over 4,000 tenants currently renting, most being credit challenged… but they always paid their rent on time. He thought it was time that they started to get “credit” for their on-time rent payments. So with that vision in mind, he founded 950 Credit, Inc ( in September of 2016 to report rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax in an effort to help the credit profiles of anyone who rents.

Our mission is to bring products and services to the marketplace that build and enhance the creditworthiness of our customers.

The strong use of technology allows us to automate as much of our processes as possible so that we can offer our products and services at more competitive rates than others in our industry, and allow our customers to see faster and better results!

950 Credit understands the serious nature of working with our customer’s financial information, and therefore we have a heavy focus on security and professionalism as we build our company – with a strong foundation of integrity and honesty. And although our team members always keep these important company attributes in mind as they work throughout the day – we also try to foster an environment of being family oriented and fun. This keeps our morale up and shows in our attitudes as we work with our customers when helping them improve their financial journey.