, a division of 950 Credit, Inc., works with tenants and landlords in Los Angeles to track monthly rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax in order to enhance credit scores! Most property management businesses and landlords are unable to provide this service due to reporting limits and a comprehensive vetting process for the reporter. We’re here to make this process easier and possible with our rent reporting services and free rental history checks for all names on the lease agreement. As a result, roommates and spouses in Los Angeles may be eligible for credit for their payments, allowing them to swiftly increase their credit score. We can also establish credit for you if you pay your rent on time. We can go back up to the last 24 months and report those for you.

The real estate market in Los Angeles is booming, going through a similar high demand/low supply situation as the rest of the country. However, prices are much higher than most places. According to Zillow, the median house price in LA county is $790,000. For first time home buyers that means a condo might be the way to go in terms of affordability. There’s a healthy dose of options around the city in the $400,000 range. Of course, to be able to afford any of those options, you need to qualify for the highest mortgage loan possible within your means. Granted, lenders are not only looking at information, mainly income and debt ratio, that lets them determine if you can afford the loan, but also at the likelihood that you’ll actually pay the money back. This is where your credit score plays an important role. Your credit score shows a lender if you’ve been historically reliable in paying your debt. That is, you need to have a strong and healthy credit history to label you as trustworthy. Establishing and/or increasing your credit score is hard to do without incurring some type of debt, especially when you don’t have a mortgage loan contributing to it. The closest thing to a mortgage payment you can have is a rent payment. However, rent payments are not automatically reported to the credit bureaus the same way mortgage payments are. Luckily, even though you can’t do this on your own, it can be done and we’re here to do it for you! We can help your credit score shine like the Hollywood stars do.