What Landlords Really Look For in a Credit Check

The first priority of a landlord or a person acting on behalf of a landlord is to establish the credibility of a prospective tenant, they need to count on tenant rent payments to be on time.  One convenient way to accomplish this task is to examine the credit report of a potential tenant as part of the decision making process on renting to a particular tenant.  Credit reports not only show payment habits and bankruptcies.  They can also show payment patterns specifically related to rental history.

Payment Habits:

Your payment pattern is the biggest factor which landlords will look at on your credit report.  If you have been consistently on-time with your utility bills, mortgage payments, and other loan payments, your credit report will have a favorable impact on a prospective landlord.

Rental History:

Your credit report does not always show your history of rental payments.  However, this is an important item that a landlord will look at, if shown on your credit report.  If you have been on-time with your rent payments and these payments do not show on your credit report, there are firms such as Creditrentboost.com who can assist you in obtaining this information and reporting to credit bureaus on your behalf.


A good rental history will help your landlord to make the right decision – selecting you as the future tenant.  .

Bankruptcy Status:

Your credit report will reflect previous bankruptcies.  If you have a previous bankruptcy, a proactive approach is to give the landlord a written explanation giving cause and  defined actions you are taking to prevent another bankruptcy.


Some Background Checks:

Remember that landlords may make additional inquiries of your references, social media and previous landlords.  Be responsible and intelligent in your dealings with other people and social media postings.


Remember – Your landlord may access your credit report:

Finally, know what is in your credit report.  You can obtain a free copy annually from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  Landlords consider credit scores at 630 or above more favorably than lesser scores.  Always look for ways to improve your credit score.


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