Three Ways To Get More Online Rent Payments At Your Property

According to the latest data retrieved, it suggests that Americans pay more than half their bills through groundbreaking online payment options. But also there are those existing around the world who prefer to sign checks, use money orders, or even pay rent in cash. The question is, how can you increase the number of online rent payments that you receive at your property in a month?

Don’t have a clue? Read through these three savvy tips ASAP!


Update residents regarding the benefits of paying online 

The easiest way is to help your residents understand the positive attributes of paying online so that it can grow your online rent payment adoption. First, you know the benefits for your residents to submit their rent online.

  • No more physical trips to the office- Tell them that the time has come to pay rent online because this drive will save their money and time. As for some renters, it can be difficult to find the time from their schedule to show up several times at the property office for the sake of dropping a check on their table. However, with online payments, the case is different. If your tenant has a Smartphone, it’s no big deal making a rent payment online from anywhere.


  • A fantastic opportunity to set up recurring payments. Through the ability to set up recurring payments, modern residents can take the online route to ensure their rent payments are made on time. Today many rent payment platforms provide residents the option to view their account details and also update their recurring payments from the dashboard, making it permanently easy to track and manage recurring payments.


  • Receipt for transaction: Every single time your residents make an online rent payment, they are provided with a receipt for their transaction. That piece of paper includes preliminary details like the amount paid and the date it was processed.


Make it a smooth process for residents

Simplify the seemingly tedious process. With the help of online rent payments, increase your online payment adoption likewise. Do whatever it takes you to reach the goal. For example: Include a link in your residential portal so that the residents can easily access the online rent payment platform.


Additionally, increasing visibility to the online rent payment platform can make it the wow factor for residents by making them remember how to sign up and where to do it.

Find more brilliant ways to give your residents information on how to make online rent payments and why to make them.


Give your residents the best reason to switch online!

Needless to say that you will have to offer an extra incentive to turn your residents to online rent payment methods that in the future, would surely help you drive online payment adoption.

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