The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

According to a website called, almost 36M Americans relocate every year using anything from old station wagons to professional movers and packers. Most of the home leases generally tend to end during the summers or end of a school year. Remember, a little bit of planning, some weeks before you move out can be of real help in keeping you on your exact schedule and it can further ensure that you receive most of your deposit back. No matter what motivates you to move, it can be a very intricate overall process with lots of steps. In order to help you organize your move, here is a  six step moving out checklist that can be a handy guide for you to make your moving out process butter smooth.

Our List Of Moving Out Checklist

  • Provide A Hand Written Notice To Your Landlord About Your Intention To Move

The very first thing that you need to do before anything else, is to provide your landlord a handwritten notice prior to the termination of your lease. This notification period might vary completely depending on the terms and conditions of the lease and it can be as much as ninety days of advance notice. It is always a good idea to check out your lease in order a get a holistic idea about the lease. In case your property manager or your landlord is on the site, try hand delivering it and ask them to sign a copy for you in order to confirm the receipt. Another great way is to send an email along with a request for a return receipt for your records.

  • Next Step Is To Reserve A Packers and Movers Company Or A Moving Truck

Hiring a mover company or a moving truck is important to book much ahead of time because if not done so it might lead to scrambling at the last moment. In case you are moving out during the summers, you might need to contend with the mass arrival of students or those who are moving out after their graduation. Remember having your reservation done earlier can be of immense relief. In case you face some lag between moving out from your current house to moving in into a new house, try reserving a storage unit in order to keep your belongings before you are ready to locate them in your new location..

  • Don’t Forget To Submit A Change In Your Address

Another very important thing that must come in your moving out checklist is to make sure that you have done all the necessary changes in your address. Submission of change in address is done by visiting your local’s post office or through several other online mediums. Furthermore, it is also necessary to notify your credit card companies, banks, and even your landlord about the new address. You might also need to touch base with other utility companies in order to transfer services to your new address especially if it is a local move.

  • Packing

Now comes the most important step of a moving out checklist i.e., packing. Just a few weeks before the move, begin your packing by starting with the non-essential items first. Starting off your packing process early can provide time to go through all the items and decide if you really want them to move out with you. Furthermore, you can also try donating those items that aren’t needed by you. Remember to keep all the cleaning supplies out because you might be needing them, especially if you want your deposit back.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning might be the last thing that anybody wants to do before moving out to their next home. Cleaning is the main reason why most of the landlords dangle the carrot of getting the whole deposit amount back. If there isn’t any damage to your old apartment and it just needs some sort of cleaning, then there is a good chance of you getting your amount back. Try putting on some loud music and get through the whole cleaning process. Here is a list of a few things that you must touch on.

  • Room Cleaning:
  1. Wipe down all the doors, switches, and walls especially if there is any sort of smudges or specks of dirt.
  2. Remove screws or nails from the walls and try filling the holes with wall putty.
  3. Mop, vacuum, and dust all living areas and rooms. Try removing all carpet stains especially the ones that are ignored over the months.
  • Kitchen Cleaning:
  1. Disinfect and clean the whole sink area and try shining the faucet.
  2. Clean out all the cabinets, drawers, debris, and crumbs.
  3. Try wiping out cabinet doors, countertops, and refrigerator doors.
  4. Try removing all the drawers and shelves from the fridge and clean all the crumbs or spills inside the refrigerator.
  5. Scrub the stove and oven and remove all the burners, drip pans, and shelves in order to degrease crumbs or spattering.
  • Bathroom Cleaning:
  1. First and foremost, clean the toilet area, mirror, sink, and the countertop.
  2. Remove all the soap scum from the bathtub and the shower.
  3. Also, remove the drawer liners and cabinet that you have inserted and clean out all the hairs or debris that have accumulated over the time period.
  4. Finally, give a thorough sweeping and mopping of the floor.
  • Finally, Its Time To Say Goodbye

Finally, now comes the time to say goodbye before you lock your old apartment. Deliver the keys to your landlord especially after you have gone through a detailed walkaround inspection with him or her. Just to stay safe don’t forget to take pictures of the move-out condition of your old apartment. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the expected time of getting your deposit back.

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