Property Maintenance: What are you Responsible for as a Landlord?

Property maintenance is a critical part of the landlord/tenant relationship. Understanding your legal responsibilities as a landlord will protect you from any liability as well as grow and foster healthy relationships with your tenants. The requirements can change slightly depending on where you live so it is important to check your local and regional laws to make sure that you are always in compliance.


As a landlord, you are trying to provide a valuable service to your tenants while operating a profitable rental. Adding extra value through services like landlord rent reporting is great but at the minimum, you need to ensure you are meeting your legal responsibilities. What are you responsible for as a landlord?


  1. Vital Repairs


These are repairs that are considered vital to the operation of the property. This includes any repairs that are considered “reasonable and necessary”. As an example, fixing a leak in the roof would be considered reasonable and necessary but changing the entire roof because of one leak wouldn’t be necessary or reasonable. 


  1. Warrant of Habitability


Warrant of habitability is the right that a tenant has to a clean and safe rental, regardless of the lease agreement. That means that broken windows, unlockable doors, unusable staircases and other items of that nature are not allowed, no matter what the lease says. It protects tenants from leases that would take advantage of them. A great way to show that you are wanting to add value instead of taking advantage of your tenants is to offer a landlord rent reporting service. Learning how to report to a credit bureau as a landlord is simple and easy and will show that you care about your tenants. 


  1. Garbage Removal Services 

As a landlord, you are required to provide a garbage removal service and the proper receptacles to do so. It is your tenant’s responsibility to make sure that the garbage is placed outside and is removed regularly. Taking out the garbage is easy, just like paying rent on time. Your tenants will benefit from a landlord rent reporting service and allow them to build their credit. Find out how to report to a credit bureau as a landlord by checking out


  1. Building Code Compliance


Building code compliance refers to anything that is required by building code. This means everything needs to be up to the most up-to-date standard, including the electrical system, windows and doors as well as the heating and ventilation systems. Just like you are responsible to make sure your property is up to code, your tenants are responsible to pay their rent on time. Incentivise them to do that by learning how to report to a credit bureau as a landlord and offer them a landlord rent reporting service.


  1. Utilities Are in Working Order


Any rental must have the ability to run all utilities. That doesn’t mean you need to pay for them. It simply means that utilities such as water, heat and gas can be used safely and effectively in the home. 


  1. Residence is Pests and Insects Free at Move-In


A home that is free of pests and insects is required at the move-in stage. After they move in, the tenants are responsible to maintain an insect and pest-free environment, as much as it is in their control.


Make Sure Your Property is in Compliance


If there are deficiencies in any of these areas, it is your responsibility as a landlord to repair and fix the situation. All other repairs or property maintenance issues are not necessarily the landlord’s responsibility and should be discussed with the tenant.

As for landlord rent reporting services, has everything you need to learn how to report to a credit bureau as a landlord. This service is a benefit to your tenants and is a valuable tool for landlords to ensure on-time rent payments. Check out today.

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