Factors that Make a Good Investment for Real Estate and Rental Properties

What are the Factors that Make an Area a Good Investment for Real Estate and Rental Properties?

Where is the best place to purchase a rental property? How can I get the highest return for my investment dollars when it comes to real estate? What gives me the best chance to have a profitable rental property? All real estate investors ask themselves these questions. 

These are the million-dollar questions when it comes to real estate. What are the criteria that should be accounted for when looking at buying a rental property? What are the indicators that will let me know that an area is a good choice?

What Makes an Area Ideal for Investment Properties?

We know the reasons renters rent their homes. Maybe they aren’t ready to buy yet. They might be saving up and are using past rent credit reporting to build their credit. Or maybe they aren’t planning on staying in that area for a long time.

For real estate investors, the reasons to become involved in rental properties can be more nuanced. Regardless of the reasons for wanting a rental property, the bottom line is clear. You want it to be profitable.

To ensure this outcome, you need to buy a home in an area that will give the best chance for a return on your investment. Consider these facts when choosing your rental property.

  1. Young people tend to live together in multi-unit dwellings. Whether they are in college or working jobs, these young folks tend to live together more. Very rarely is this demographic of people looking to use their past rent credit reporting to build their credit or looking into the future.
  2. As people get married and have kids, they tend to move into larger, single-family dwellings to have the space to grow their families. Oftentimes, these types of tenants are looking to use past rent credit reporting to build their credit to eventually buy a home.
  3. As children get to school age, being close to a school is very important to most parents. Being next to a good school, a desirable school, is even more important. Remember, these parents are looking to purchase a home eventually. They will likely want to rent a home in same the area they would want to buy a home. They would do this after they have built their credit enough, possibly by using past rent credit reporting.
  4. As the children move away and they downsize, couples eventually move back into multi-unit dwellings.

How Does That Help?

How does this help you decide which areas are good for your real estate? First, decide the type of tenants you are looking for. 

  • Are you looking for young people with no kids? Multi-unit dwellings, next to campuses and downtown cores are great choices for these types of tenants.
  • Are you hoping for a family that wants to rent long-term? Single-family dwellings next to schools and access to a major highway are what you will want to look for.
  • Maybe you want to rent to empty nesters? Multi-unit dwellings with quick access sot a highway and reasonably close to city centers are what you want to look for.

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Renters at different life stages will want different types of homes and if you are investing in real estate, keep that in mind. The type of tenants you want will be a factor in where you buy your rental. 

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