Your Easy To Use Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

You have just found a new apartment. Everything about the apartment including the location, the rent is just right and you are ready to move in. But wait, before you sign off the lease and start all your packing, you should go through an apartment checklist in order to be sure that your new apartment is all up to your expectations. Remember it is important to be observant during the process of apartment walk-through to spot any sort of damage before moving in. Here in this article, we have listed some of the main areas and a few important questions that you must look into especially during your apartment walkthrough. 

Why Apartment Walkthrough Checklist Is Important? 

An apartment walkthrough checklist is a very important step that every single person should take before committing to a lease. In general, an apartment walkthrough is much similar to what it sounds like. You observe every nook and corner of the apartment with the help of the rental agent or landlord in order to find out if there is are issues that should be fixed before you move in. Identifying all these issues at this time can help in avoiding any further fees for damage while you move out. With the help of an apartment walkthrough checklist, you can easily spot any issues that can prevent you from getting your full deposit back.  It is a common practice for most rental agents or landlords to print off a walk-through checklist for you to sign on. These types of checklists usually detail the overall condition of each room and appliance along with any present damages. Though you would be receiving a checklist from your landlord, it is also important for you to keep your own list. 

What Should You Look In An Apartment Walkthrough Checklist? 

While you are going through your apartment walkthrough checklist, always try to take your time, remain observant and pay attention to every single detail. While you are walking around the newly leased apartment make sure to take photos and videos of every damage that you see. You must also take important notes on a piece of paper or on your phone. A great thumb rule is to make sure that all the appliances work perfectly and are clean. Here is a list of some key questions that you should take into consideration in your apartment walkthrough checklist. 

  1. Bathroom Walkthrough Checklist
  • Make sure that the bathroom is clean.
  • Try noticing if all the faucets work perfectly, check the water pressure, and also test for hot water as well.
  • Check for the drainage of the bathroom sink and shower.
  • Check for any cracked tiles or if there is any missing grout in the bathtub, sink, or shower.
  • Look properly around the toilet, check the flush, look for any signs of molds or water damage.
  • Make sure that the bathroom fan works properly.
  • Make sure all the light fixtures are working in proper order. 
  1. Kitchen Walkthrough Checklist
  • Try to test each and every appliance and make sure that all of them work perfectly. Make sure that all the appliances are clean and they are turning on and off. 
  • Appliances that should be checked:
  • Dishwasher.
  • Stovetop and oven
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Check the stovetop and oven and make sure that the burners are clean.
  • Check the temperature of the freezer and make sure that they are cold enough. Remember the freezer must be free of ice.
  • Check for the drainage of the kitchen sink. Also, look after any signs of molds or water damage underneath.
  • Try opening and closing the drawers and cabinets. Look for any unusual scratches or chipping.
  1. Laundry Room Walkthrough Checklist
  • Make sure that the dryer and washer work properly.
  • In case the apartment is having an onsite laundry facility, make sure that it is well maintained.
  1. Safety And Security Walkthrough Checklist
  • Make sure that all the doorknobs, window locks, door locks are in perfect shape.
  • Check if all the lighting systems are in good working condition.
  • Make sure that all the curtains, drapes, and blinds open and close.
  • Check for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside the house. Make sure that they work.
  • Look out and make sure that the home security system is under working condition.
  • Check if there is a fire extinguisher.
  • Also, don’t forget to locate the place of the home circuit breaker. 
  1. Entire Apartment Walkthrough Checklist
  • Look and check if there is any presence of unusual odors.
  • Try to run the HVAC system and make sure that they are producing enough hot and cold air. 
  • Check all the lights and look out if any of them is flickering.
  • Check all the power outlets. You can use your phone charger to test those.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows are opening and closing smoothly.
  • Also, try to pay attention to any signs of water damage especially on the floor or on the ceiling. Water damage can be noticed in different ways including peeling paints, warped out flooring, stains, musty odor and even leaking water. 
  • Check if the flooring carpet is in good shape free from any sort of stains or odors. In the case of vinyl or hardwood flooring lookout for any buckling or bubbling issues.
  • Check the walls for any cracks, stains, or peeling paints. Also, look out for any discolorations or marks on the walls. 
  • Make sure that the closets or any wooden places of the house are free from insects or rodents. 

After you have finished walking through the apartment with your landlord or rental agent, make sure that you address all your concerns and fix all damages. Now since you are all set up to move into your new apartment you might want to consider increasing your credit score with your rent payments. If you want to raise your credit score, consider Credit Rent Boost. We work hand in hand with both tenants and homeowners to report monthly rent payments to different credit bureaus of the United States.

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