The Benefits of Using Credit Rent Boost

Building your credit is something that can be difficult at all phases of life — from the college years to your adult years, building and maintaining a strong credit score can be a daunting task. Your credit score is an indication of your financial responsibility, which is why landlords and lenders look at your credit history before deciding to rent or lend to you.
With the importance that your credit score holds, it is essential that you build and maintain a good credit score. An excellent credit score can make it easier to get loans and higher credit limits, plus plenty of other perks.

How To Increase Your Credit Score

While there are a variety of ways to increase your credit score, if you are a renter, your largest monthly expense is probably your rent payments so why not use your monthly rent payments to boost your credit score!
At CreditRentBoost, we are doing exactly that, helping tenants take the first steps towards building or establishing a strong credit history. Our credit rent reporting service give tenants credit for something they are already paying for: monthly rent! We are committed to working with consumers who are either trying to create or improve credit by reporting their rent history to a credit bureau.

The Benefits of Using Credit Rent Boost

Our rent reporting service has enabled tenants throughout the nation to see their score increase by 30 to 60 points — some as much as 81 points! There are plenty of other benefits of using CreditRentBoost, and in this blog, we are going to review them.

Pay Rent And Build Your Credit Score

When you use CreditRentBoost, our rent reporting service reports your rent payments to TransUnion. This allows you to increase your credit score without adding any additional debt. We are able to report for the next 12 months and up to the last 24 months of your rental payment history. What’s more, spouses or roommates can also receive credit for their rent payments as long as are included on your lease and can be added to your rent reporting plan at an affordable, discounted rate.

Affordable Service Prices

Unlike other rent reporting services, at CreditRentBoost, our goal is to give tenants credit for something they already pay for, without charging expensive service fees. All of our service options have the ability to be combined to build a stronger credit score, too. And the best part, we do not even charge monthly fees! Our rent reporting service starts at the following rates:

Quick and Easy Sign-Up

Signing up with CreditRentBoost is a breeze and typically takes less than two minutes. All you need is a photo ID. A copy of your lease agreement will make the sign-up process even quicker, but is not required. Choose a plan, sign-up, and begin building your credit.

Credit Reported Twice a Month

CreditRentBoost reports your rent payments twice a month, on the 5th and 15th. However, if you need your it reported sooner, we do offer expedited services. Typically, it will only take 48 business hours to see results on your report from TransUnion and only a few more days to see the results from third party reports, such as CreditKarma.

Landlord Advantages

CreditRentBoost does not just benefit tenants, it benefits landlords too! Plus, it is no cost to them. We work with owners, property managers, and apartment complexes of all sizes. If you rent from an apartment complex or property management company, all we need is their contact information and we will handle the rest. Plus, if we are unable to obtain verification from your landlord. We offer a 100 percent money back guarantee!

Improve Your Credit With Rent Reporting From CreditRentBoost

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons to try CreditRentBoost. Not only does it help tenants increase their credit score, but it also affordable, easy to sign-up, and even benefits landlords! If you want to learn more about How CreditRentBoost Works or are interested in more information, contact our friendly representatives today.

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