Ready for the Big Move? Consult the Move-In Checklist

We have all been there. Changing places, whether you are moving across the country or just across the street, we have all done it. And each time you think, ‘This is the way I’m going to do it. It’s going to be right. I’ll hire movers! I won’t move in the summer ever again!’ With the move out date fast approaching you to realize it’s late summer. You can’t afford movers, you just had to drop two month’s rent on a deposit! And so, slowly but surely, the best-laid plans of mice and men (well hopefully no mice!) begin to unravel. This time on the Credit Rent Boost blog, we want to help with that and provide a handy Move-In Checklist!

The Move-In Checklistmove in checklist

You’ve found a place, inspected the lease, set aside the move in costs, inspected the lease again, packed away everything, looked over the lease (did we mention looking at your lease?) and signed it. You’ve done your initial walkthrough, and now all that’s left is for move-in day. So far so good! You’ve got this. Here’s a rundown of the To Do Items that should be on your Move-In Checklist.


As you get ready to fill the rooms with all your precious belongings, do another quick re-check to make sure everything is in great condition. Document any flaws or marks. Often, if you get to it quickly upon moving in, you can adjust your initial walkthrough comments to reflect the damage or conditions noticed. Once you’re fully moved in though, that will be a lot harder to do easily. Pay particular attention to any possible pests!


Before you start unpacking all those boxes it’s best to get your clean on something fierce! You have access and reach to all those tight corners, there’s nothing that needs shifting to get anywhere so take advantage of that fact.

Furniture Feng Shui

Moving into a new space gives you one of the greatest joys, rearranging your living spaces! There’s different walls, lighting, space, potential and your same old living room layout won’t work everywhere so why not switch it up! When you have everything still in boxes it’ll be a lot easier to move things around than when you’re fully unpacked.

Unpack – Strategically!

After all that it can be daunting to start unpacking your whole life. So, start smart! Go in with a plan on which rooms need to be done that first day and what can wait. Often that means a bedroom and kitchen. After all, all this moving will make you tired and hungry! Once those are tackled you can go room to room, knocking it all down in order. Having a plan is a sure way to make sure everything gets unpacked and put where it belongs right away, and not sitting in a box near the front door for the first 6 months.

Make an Inventory

As you are going through unpacking everything, take the time to do a thorough inventory of your belongings.  This is especially important if you hired movers or didn’t do all the moving yourself! You’ll want to identify any damages sustained in the move to take the necessary steps to get it repaired or replaced.
We hope you enjoy your new place! If you are looking for a new place and want to give your credit the boost it might need, don’t hesitate to reach out or Enroll Now! Use the provided checklist to make sure your move goes right! We will see you next time on the Credit Rent Boost Blog!

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