How You Know Your Landlord Cares

This is How You Know Your Landlord Cares About You

Almost everyone, at one point or another, will experience what it’s like to rent a home from a landlord. The quality of that experience depends mostly on the type of person your landlord is. Do they care about you as a tenant? Do they show that they care? 

The landlord-tenant relationship can be everything from amazing to terrible and everything in between. The truth is that most people only rent until they can buy a home, meaning that a relationship lasts only as long as it needs. Most people renting are saving to buy a home and are looking for ways to improve their credit. Rent payments are one way of doing that and a landlord that cares can help you along that journey.

  Since the quality of your life is affected by your landlord and how they treat you, knowing how to recognize and appreciate a landlord that cares about you is an important step in enjoying your rental journey. How do you know your landlord cares?

5 Things a Landlord that Cares Does for You

  1. Your landlord is meeting all of their legal responsibilities in relation to your lease agreement as well as making sure that you have everything you need in your unit.

Part of caring about tenants is making sure that they meet all of their legal responsibilities. Landlords who make sure that their tenants have everything they need care about their tenants welfare and their wellbeing. 

  1. Your maintenance requests are taken care of promptly and professionally.

This is another of the landlord’s legal responsibilities but it is how they manage and deal with your maintenance requests that shows how much they care. Do they respond promptly to your requests? When they do, do they make sure that the maintenance is done properly and efficiently? Landlords that care go out of their way to take care of the property that their tenants are staying in.

  1. They facilitate the ability to improve your credit with rent payments.

Improve credit with rent payments? Is that possible? Yes, it is! As a tenant, you can use to report your rent to a credit bureau, raising your credit score and helping you move towards your goals in life. Improving your credit with rent payments is an easy and effective way to bring homeownership one step closer.

  1. They perform upgrades to your unit when necessary or practical.

Upgrades are different from maintenance or repair requests. Upgrades can include new paint, appliances, counters, landscaping and much more. These upgrades add value to your life. Landlords don’t have to do this and when they do, it’s a good indication that they care for you as a tenant.

  1. You have open and honest communication with them and they listen to your concerns and suggestions.

Landlords have a lot on their plates. When they take the time to listen to your concerns and suggestions, it shows they care. Do you think that the fence needs painted? Talk to your landlord. Do you want to improve your credit with rent payments? Talk to your landlord. Do you want to upgrade the yard with your landlord’s help? Talk to the landlord! Will Help You Increase Your Credit with Rent Payments

Like a caring landlord can add value to your life, so can is the only partner you need to increase your credit score with your rent payments. You are already paying rent… allow that fact to positively improve your credit score!

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