How to Split Rent with Your Roommates

Have you ever lived with roommates? If you have been living out of your parents’ home for any number of years, the answer to this question is likely a resounding, “YES!” Most people, at one point or another, live with roommates. This can be both a blessing and a curse.


Renting a home with roommates has many benefits. It can save you money. If you have a credit reporting affiliate program, you can improve credit with rent payments. It can be a lot of fun to live in a home with a group of your peers but challenges also exist… like splitting the rent.


Want to avoid confrontations and headaches when splitting rent? Follow these tips to keep those relationships healthy… until someone eats your food out of the fridge.

Tips for Splitting Rent

  1. Arrange everything before moving in! First things first, make sure that everyone is on the same page about the conditions of splitting the rent. It is critical that this is understood and agreed on before moving in.


  1. Write things down! This may seem excessive to some but it is helpful to have some type of written agreement in case someone doesn’t hold up to their end of the bargain. Everyone at first may have been excited about moving in together, hanging out, boosting their credit with rent reporting and saving some money but people sometimes don’t follow through with their commitments. Having it in writing helps keep people accountable.


  1. Agree on a payment method! There are many apps available that allow you to split rent digitally. You can give cash to the leaseholder to give the landlord. You can have a direct deposit option as well. Whatever you choose, make sure that everyone agrees. Also, don’t forget to use a credit reporting affiliate program to improve your credit with rent payments. With rent being the most consistent bill, it makes sense to boost your credit with rent reporting

Ways to Split Rent

Not all living situations are equal. This can lead to the need for specific rent splitting arrangements. Some of the most common ways to split rent are…

  1. “Even Split” Simple, easy and efficient. Every tenant has an equal share of the rent and utilities paid through the agreed-upon means.


  1. “Master Bedroom Split” This is a term for splitting the rent based on bedroom size or amenities. If one bedroom has a hot tub or en-suite or an entire basement is considered a bedroom, this may result in the “master bedroom split”. Even though all roommates can boost their credit with rent reporting living in the same home, they all may not be able to share the jacuzzi or use the amenities evenly, leading to differences in rent.


  1. “Income Split” Some roommates may not have as much income as others for any number of reasons. They could be students, injured and unable to work or anything else. In these instances, rent split by income level may be the best choice.

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