How to Sign Up for Credit Rent Boost

Welcome back to the Credit Rent Boost blog! We’re here to help you get your finances in order and get your credit right. That’s why we provide the info and tools you need to start building yourself up to the illustrious 750+! This time on the blog we’re going to show you -exactly- how the process of Credit Rent Boost works!
How To Use Credit Rent Boost
Read through this blog first and you’ll see what forms and information you will need to quickly and successfully get through the process. It’s fast and easy, you’ll see!
First things first, head up to the top of this page and click on that Enroll Now Icon!

This will take you to your first, incredibly simple choice in the process.

That’s right, a simple drop-down selection! Painless right? Choose how many Renters you’re applying for and select Next.

This, too, should be simple enough! Name, First and Last, and Email are the necessary blurbs, but feel free to include a phone, date of birth, and the last 4 of your Social Security to make the process smoother, and of course most importantly accurately. Fill out the information for as many renters as selected. Remember, the goal is to get your credit boosted, so filling it out as completely as you can.

The next window will ask you to list the addresses you’ve lived at over the years, depending on how far back you are doing the reporting.

For our example, we’ll select the 1 Address. You’ll fill in the traditional information required and hit the Next button.

Still in Step 2, it’s now time to provide contact information on your current landlord. You’ll notice that this section isn’t mandatory at this time but the info is needed at some point. As the landlord, they are the other party involved in regular rent payments and they have the ability to report to Credit Rent Boost that your rent payments have never been in question. If you don’t have this information handy, that’s fine. Hit Next and make a note to collect this info at your next convenience.

All that’s left is to Authorize and upload! You’ll need to electronically sign, check some boxes and in certain cases upload a lease agreement or other documentation to ensure your credit reporting is done accurately. If you’re unsure of whether or not you need to upload any additional documents, well Chat Now with Andy(or Elsa, or whoever is running the Live Chat that day)!

Ready for it? The process is incredibly simple, the 4 steps are fast and easy all it takes it a little bit of your time. Everyone at Credit Rent Boost is here to help you, our clients, in getting their credit back on track, and for some people that means so much more than just a boost to that three-digit number.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the Live Help, or contact us. Looking forward to giving you that boost. We’ll see you next time on the Credit Rent Boost Blog.

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