How to Improve Your Property to Attract Long-Term Tenants

How to Improve Your Property to Attract Long-Term Tenants

Have you ever rented a home that you couldn’t wait to move out of? Or maybe you rented a home that you really enjoyed and wanted to stay in? What made the difference? When it comes to attracting long-term tenants, it doesn’t always take a full remodel of the unit or a large financial investment.

Everything from small interior or exterior changes to adding credit reporting will give new tenants reasons to stay long into the future. How could you improve your property to attract long-term tenants?

Top 5 Property Improvements to Attract Long-Term Tenants

  1. Keep up with Property Maintenance

Property maintenance, if it isn’t a priority for a landlord, can quickly become a costly issue and a deterrent for any new tenants. It can drive a current tenant out and make what could have been a long-term renter leave before they would have otherwise. Listen to the tenants and their reasonable requests to ensure a long and fruitful relationship.

  1. Offer Great Perks

As a landlord, your property can be more valuable to your client by adding perks that aren’t very expensive to you. Credit reporting and the option to add rental history to credit reports is an attractive perk for anyone who is looking to increase their credit score. Credit reporting is great, even for those who aren’t looking to increase their credit score because by adding rental history to their credit reports, their credit score will get a boost because they pay their rent anyway!

  1. Add a Feature Wall/ New Paint

A new paint job can do wonders for a place. It can give a unit an entirely new look, even if you don’t paint the whole house. Sometimes, a feature wall with a bold paint color and a unique feature (like a chalkboard) is all it takes to change the feel of your rental space.

  1. Upgrade the Light Fixtures

Another small upgrade that can really make a difference in how a unit looks is the light fixtures. Changing out older, dated light fixtures for a newer, modern look (or even an eclectic and unique style) is noticeable and appreciated. Having bright and stylish light fixtures creates a great vibe and can add an extra level of functionality if they are dimmable.

  1. Landscaping Features

If your rental has a yard, it must be kept properly. It is the first thing that a tenant sees and if it is nice, it is a great draw for tenants that enjoy being outside. A simple garden box or brick border around the base of a tree can make the yard an attractive reason to become a long-term tenant.

Credit Rent Boost Will Help You Attract Long Term Tenants

Attracting long-term tenants is key to having a profitable rental property. Using can give you the edge you need to entice your tenants to become long-term renters. Credit reporting and adding rent history to credit reports is a great way for your tenants to boost their credit score while paying their rent. 

Give your soon-to-be long-term tenants what they want by using these 5 tips and using to add credit reporting to your rental agreement. They get to add rental history to their credit reports to increase their credit score and you get to enjoy the benefits of long-term tenants. It’s a win-win!

Reach out to today to discuss your credit reporting options.

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