How to Fix Bad Credit for Free

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth of the matter is this: how to fix bad credit for free? You can’t. At least, not quickly. But keep reading and we’ll tell you why that’s the case and how you can fix bad credit for as close to free as possible, this time on the AeroGuard blog!
Let’s do bad news first.

How To Fix Bad Credit For Free? The Good and the Bad News

The Bad

We already spilled the beans here but that’s because we have no interest in burying the lede or giving folks the runaround.  To really improve and fix your bad credit will require money. That’s because the stuff that may have ruined your credit in the first place is financial. It may be an unpaid debt, an outstanding balance with a utility company, whatever it is, it’s likely an amount that you need to pay on.
Alright, now let’s take that sting away a bit with some good news.

The Good

One of two things you can do to start fixing you bad credit that is free: getting copies of your credit report from the major credit bureaus! This is the first step on your credit fixing journey and it is crucial to take. You can get your reports free from the bureaus once a year using a service like Credit Karma or using the Annual Credit Report website, the only authorized website for free reports as mandated by the FTC.
With this report in hand, you can see where you stand, what debts are outstanding, what things are currently holding your score back.
The other? Time. The longer you have a credit history, the better your credit score. But if your credit is in the pits and needs real fixing it is going to take payments, easing your debt burden, and making right on those outstanding balances. Unfortunately, that does mean money, but it doesn’t have to be more than you already owe.
That’s about where the free ends. But if you are truly trying to fix your bad credit, then you know you have to make steps in the right direction. Paying down your monthly bills, meeting at least the minimums on credit cards or with debt collectors. If you’re proactive and reach out to those creditors you may be able to work out a payment plan or settle for less than the total balance. Is going to cost? Yes, but it can be less than the total amount, and that can be huge when it comes time to fix your bad credit. It will reflect on your credit report that the burden or balance has been resolved.
Whenever a person has taken a  loan or used credit, it’s their responsibility to pay that amount back. That’s the way of the money world. It can feel like fighting an uphill battle to get your credit score fixed, it will take time, but so long as you commit yourself to the task you can accomplish it!
And you don’t have to go it alone! Credit Rent Boost is here to offer you a service to help build (and boost) your credit score! Through our service, you can add an additional trade line to your credit report, and utilizing the bills you have and must continue to make timely payments on – your rent!- you can immediately show a history of responsible financial behavior. That can be the boost a score needs to get over some hurdles, but it can also be the first step in building up your financial momentum. It will cost a small fee (the smallest in the industry!), but the benefits of 20-100 points on your credit score are well worth it.
If you want to know more about how Credit Rent Boost can help you fix your credit, give us a call at 844-950-RENT and speak with our credit experts today!

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