How to Combat Inflation as a Tenant

Inflation. Everyone is talking about it and it unfortunately has become a fact of life that you will be living with for years to come. It may seem like a challenge as big and complex as inflation may be too big for you to do anything about. This is false!


There are many steps you can take to get ahead of the inflation curve. Everything from boosting your credit score overnight with a credit reporting affiliate program to investing and being on a budget can help you weather the storm that is high inflation.


  1. Get Better Interest Rates by Boosting Your Credit Score Overnight


Companies like offer ongoing credit reporting (rent reporting to all 3 credit bureaus!) that can help you boost your credit score overnight! A good credit score will eventually lead to lower interest rates, saving you money!


  1. Buy in Bulk


Buying in bulk is. A great way to save money on everyday consumable purchases. Many food, beverage and sanitary items can be bought in bulk at a discounted rate, saving you money.


  1. Look Out for Deals and Shop Accordingly


Almost every company has weekly deals that are meant to entice shoppers to buy. Use this to your advantage. Take the time to look through the flyers of the companies you regularly shop at and buy when there are good deals available.


  1. Ask for Perks with Your Loyalty Departments


You have regular bills. The companies that you pay for services have loyalty departments that are meant to reward long term customers. Call them and see what they can do for you. Perhaps they can lower your monthly payments or offer some other benefits. As a renter, you can always use ongoing rent credit reporting services to boost your credit score (you can even boost your credit score overnight!)


  1. Think Efficiency


Being energy efficient is a great way to save money. Inflation tends to be more pronounced in consumables as well as energy services. Open windows instead of air conditioning or wear a sweater instead of cranking the heat to use less energy.


  1. Be Aware of Your Spending and Be on a Budget


It is easy to lose track of how much you spend if you are not paying attention. Do a budget for the month and at the end of every month, evaluate what you estimated to spend against what you actually spent and where you spent it. Awareness will help you make the necessary changes to stay on your budget.


  1. Use Ongoing Rent Credit Reporting to Improve Your Credit


Improved credit helps almost every aspect of your life. Use ongoing rent credit reporting to boost your credit score and get better rates and better offers from banks and lenders.


  1. Invest Wisely


In times of high inflation, certain investments are good strongholds for your money. Find a financial advisor or a wealthy friend and ask what they think are good investments. Make sure to do your homework and don’t take anyone’s advice at face value! This is your money. Protect it.


  1. Make Good Financial Decisions


When inflation is high, making good financial decisions is more important than ever. Maximize your situation (as a renter, make sure you are using ongoing rent credit reporting to improve your credit) and plan ahead.


With the right actions, you can minimize the downside of high inflation. Use to boost your credit score overnight and get the benefits of ongoing rent credit reporting. Check out today!

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