Damage Deposits: What are the Rules?

Both moving into a new apartment and moving out can be exciting and nerve-racking. The thing that often stresses people out the most is their damage deposit. How much will they get back? What is considered regular wear and tear? What can you do to ensure you get the most back possible?


Damage deposits are meant to create a safety net for the tenant and the landlord. This designated amount is set aside to be assessed at the end of a tenancy from which any unreasonable damage will be deducted. Regular wear and tear are not considered damage by the tenant and cannot be deducted from the damage deposit. 


What is considered wear and tear?


  1. Worn flooring
  2. Faded blinds
  3. Chipped paint or dings around doorknobs high traffic areas
  4. Wobbly toilets
  5. Warped doors
  6. Etc.


What is considered damage?


  1. Holes in the walls
  2. Cut flooring or countertops
  3. Broken windows or screens
  4. Pet stains
  5. Water stains
  6. Broken toilets
  7. Unauthorized alterations
  8. Etc.


How Can You Get the Most Possible Back from Your Damage Deposit?


  1. Be Part of a Credit Reporting Affiliate Program


While a credit reporting affiliate program doesn’t directly affect your ability to get your damage deposit back, it does help. How? 


  • A credit reporting affiliate program (you can get rent reporting to all 3 credit bureaus) will keep you in contact with your landlord and will help you build a relationship with them. This rapport can help when it comes time to move out and discuss the damage deposit.


  1. Do Not Cause Damage or Repair Any Damage 


Avoid damaging the unit while you are living there, if at all possible. If there is damage done to the unit that is your fault, you can fix it prior to moving out to avoid losing your damage deposit. If you are going to do this, do it well or get some help because improperly repaired damage can still be considered damage.


  1. Have a Great Credit Score


Having a good credit score makes you seem more trustworthy and dependable so you should do what you can to boost your credit score. Want to know a great way to boost your credit score overnight? Take part in a credit reporting affiliate program to report your rent. Did you know that you can do rent reporting to all 3 credit bureaus? Rent reporting to all 3 credit bureaus! Absolutely. This will help you grow your credit quickly and efficiently.


  1. Use the Move-In Checklist to Your Advantage


When moving in, makes sure to note any existing damage on the move-in checklist. That way, it can be noted as “not your fault” when moving out.


Damage Deposits are There to Protect You


Damage deposits are set in place to be mutually beneficial. Use these tips to get the most out of your damage deposit. Also, use CreditRentBoost.com for your credit reporting affiliate program to report your rent and do rent reporting to all 3 credit bureaus. By rent reporting to all 3 credit bureaus, you will get a great boost to your credit for paying your rent on time.


Reach out to CreditRentBoost.com today to see how to get started on your credit reporting affiliate program today!

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