Best Tenant Screening Services- Your Way To The Best Renters

Renting out your unused property is indeed a great way that can actually help in expanding your business. In case you are a landowner reading this blog, then it can be true that at times you get worried about getting good tenants. You always want to make sure that your tenants would be paying off their rent on time and even look after the property. Furthermore, you might also want to avoid all those who cause a large amount of stress by paying late fees, skipping a payment, and even breaking your tenant rules. This is the key reason why homeowners must check tenant background and credit reports every time while looking out for new tenants. Some of the best tenant screening services that would be mentioned in this blog can actually help you a lot in distinguishing between bad or good tenants especially before you get burned. All of these best tenant screening services can also help you in deciding whether or not your upcoming tenants are trustworthy but it can also help in finding the best applicants in the very first place. 

Best Tenant Screening Services

  • TurboTenant: TurboTenant is known to offer both screenings of renters along with some generic tools that can help the landlord to promote their properties. Moreover, unlike any other type of tenant screening service, TurboTenants charges only the applicants and not the landlords for the cost of the background checks. With the help of this website, you can easily create a nice-looking property profile with ease, and it can also be further posted on different other rental portals including ApartmentList, CraigsList, etc. Furthermore, it also includes some sort of built-in online tenant application form in order to make things more streamlined and easy. There is a simple fee of only $35 for a basic check and a pro check costs up to $45 and it is to be paid by the applicant. However, you can also pay it yourself according to your preference. 
  • E-renter: This E-renter website is a great choice for all those landlords who are in need of a low-cost, reliable tenant report. This website consists of three plans. The basic plan is priced competitively and it is also known to offer some crucial information about a tenant. However, a downside of this website is that even the top plan doesn’t investigate a renter applicant’s overall yearly income or even employment history. All of the checks carried out by the E-renters portal are completely compliant with the FRCA. 
  • National Tenant Network: The NTN or the National Tenant Network usually works as a type of subscriber service-producing different types of reports giving proper inputs onto the overall reliability of each and every tenant applicant. Furthermore, the national tenant network can also check into a renter’s previous employment history, eviction history and has even got a handful of trained agents who can make calls and also follow up on different references. With the help of NTN, now homeowners can easily choose and pick up different reports and also gain access to a comprehensive decision point report file that combines all of your potential concerns into one single piece of paper. In order to know more about their price chart, you need to get in touch with their local office and find out their service price in general and the actual cost of every single individual report.
  • SmartMove: SmartMove is a subsidiary of the TransUnion credit bureau, and it even offers services like detailed credit checks for landlords, applicant reliability, and income history in order to make yourself assured before signing on a lease. Furthermore, this application can also better investigate a rental applicant’s overall financial situation than most other regular tenant screening services. It even produces an income to rent ratio report, previous income history, and a set of personalized recommendations if to accept the applicant as a tenant or not. The packages of this application are priced very much competitively starting from only 25USD for the basic plan, 38USD for the Plus, and 40 USD for the premium packages. Homeowners can even choose to pass the cost to the application or even pay it themselves. 

Why Should A Homeowner Use Only The Best Tenant Screening Services?

Every single landlord must use some sort of tenant screening service especially before deciding whether to sign a lease with a tenant or not. In case you are a homeowner and you aren’t doing your due diligence by checking out an applicant before signing a lease paper, you are then opening yourself into a big risk. These risks might include losing money especially on those tenants that don’t pay, shelling out a huge chunk dor eviction services, paying for damages caused by irresponsible renters, and even criminal proceedings especially if your tenant uses your property for illegal works. Trust us, at times it is really dangerous to accept new tenants without their proper credit or even background check. 

Remember, the best tenant screening services will help landlords protect themselves and the properties they own or manage from problem tenants — the best service is the one that works!

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