All You Need To Know About Rental History Report

In general, a rental history report gives all potential landlords a holistic view or timeline of your stay as a tenant. In most cases, a rental history report includes all sorts of previous evictions and outstanding rent. In case you are a potential tenant, looking out for a new place to live in, you can always expect your old rental history report to be thoroughly checked and scrutinized. Furthermore, some landlords can also conduct a personal interview, do credit-related checks and queries and even ask you for your copy of the rental history report. This is why it is of utmost importance to know and make sure what’s on it. In case you find any errors in your rental report you must try disputing it as it is a key factor in any of your rental applications. 

What Exactly Is A Rental History Report?

A rental history report is very much exactly what it sounds like. It is a set of a written history of all your previous rentals. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it shows your next potential landlord what you exactly are as a new tenant. Here we have listed some of the general points that are included in a rental history report. 

  1. Your rental history reports list all the previous addresses that you have rented.
  2. It further includes the contact information of your old property managers or landlords or anybody else who was in charge of the property where you have previously resided.
  3. It consists of all those dates where you lived at each rental and the total amount in rent that you paid.
  4. It also focuses on critical issues like broken leases, evictions, late rent payments, or any other similar type of major issues that happened especially while you were rented.
  5. A rental history report also provides a focus on overall recommendations from your previous landlords. 

From Where Does A Rental History Report Gets Generated? 

In most cases, rental history report is generated and compiled by a set of private consumer reporting companies. These companies pull in information from different sources to provide your overall credit history, background checks, eviction records, address history, and include criminal background checks. There are several companies that are operating with such services right now but only a few are documented with the consumer finance protection board. 

In some cases, homeowners also handle all these by themselves. In such cases, they request some information as a part of your rental application which includes your past address book and your previous landowner’s contact information. 

How Do Property Managers Or Homeowners Check Rental History Report?

Most of the time, property managers or even homeowners have an agreement with different software providers such that they can pull out and get access to all of your old pertinent information in order to decide whether or not to accept you as a potential tenant. All of these programs work help landlords to get easy and quick access to reports allowing fast analysis and quick decision on whether you have a future in their property or not. 

How Can You Make Sure That You Have A Good Rental History Report?

It isn’t too difficult to create a good rental history report that can help you in the future years. In case you are planning to get one try having a look at the below points.

  1. Always abide by the terms and conditions of your lease.
  2. Try to pay your rent payments on time every month.
  3. Always have an eye on your rental history report in order to find errors and try to dispute all errors that are made.
  4. Always try to become a good tenant and try keeping a good relationship with your adjoining neighbors.
  5. Last but not the least, try avoiding evictions at any cost. 

If You Are A Homeowner Then Why Is A Rental History Report Important For You?

In case you want your rental property to pay off over time, it is important to keep reliable tenants in every single unit. This basically means treating every single tenant application carefully and as an important business decision. Remember, the biggest opportunity that you would be having as a landlord is to acquire good background information from all your prospective renters along with a copy of the rental history report, credit report, and background check. All of these can help in giving you a proper picture of an applicant’s past behavior as a tenant and help you in making informed decisions about when to pass and when to offer a lease. 

As a homeowner, you should always take a rental history report as a type of report card for your would-be tenant. Remember it is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that all your building residents and your building is safe by vetting anyone having the key. Now with the help of the rental history report, you would be having a holistic idea of the background of your tenants and the way by which they treat their prior landlords, neighbors and adhere to the finances in order to help fill gaps that aren’t covered by any background or credit checks.

Remember, if you are a landlord reading this blog, doing your due diligence in order to rent to a good tenant can sometimes feel like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. You can try using different types of rental history report in order to save time and get more and more confidence in your rental decisions. Furthermore, if you want to increase your credit history by reporting your finances and monthly rent payments to credit bureaus, you can try counting on Credit Rent Boost. At Credit Rent Boost we work hand in hand with both tenants and homeowners and easily report all sorts of rent payments to different credit bureaus. In case you feel interested in our services or products, don’t forget to have a look at our website. 

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