7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Active Living in an Apartment

Living in an apartment can be awesome! You don’t have the headache that comes with owning a home, you can improve your credit score with your rent payments and there are plenty of opportunities to make friends and grow your social circle. If you choose to own a pet, particularly a dog, when living in an apartment, you need to take extra care to make sure that your pet stays active if they don’t have access to a backyard.


Pets are quite simple and want only a few things. They want food, water, shelter and lots of love and attention. They don’t care that you found out how to boost your credit score overnight using your rent payments or that there is a new hit show on TV. All they want is a lot of cuddles and kisses and someplace to burn off their extra energy.


If you have a pet and are living in an apartment, use these tips to make sure they are staying as active as they need to be to stay happy and healthy!


7 Tips to Keeping Your Pets Active and Healthy


Many apartment pets, such as cats, gerbils and birds will benefit from these tips but they are mostly designed for dogs because they tend to have the most energy and are most demanding when it comes to their needs. What can help you make sure they are getting their needs met?


  1. Routine, Routine, Routine


Pets thrive off of routine, especially dogs. They should eat at the same time, go for walks at the same time, have their grooming rituals at the same time, so on and so forth. Just as how humans function better with routines, so do your favorite furry people.


  1. Training


Proper training is important if you want your pet to enjoy living in an apartment. Just like a routine, training will give your pet the mental fortitude to behave while you are gone from home. You wouldn’t want to go to all the trouble of getting a nice apartment, improving your credit score with rent reporting and setting up your place just the way you like it to have your pet shred it to bits while you are gone.


  1. Proper Pet Toys/ Surprise Pet Toys


Having the right pet toys is crucial if you want to keep your pets active while living in an apartment. You can even surprise them with new pet toys to spice things up. Just like you might have been pleasantly surprised when you found out that you can boost your credit score overnight by reporting your rent through CreditRentBoost.com, your pets will be happy with a surprise toy now and then!


  1. Lots of Exercise


Pets are energetic and lots of exercise is key to keeping them happy and healthy. Maybe this means going for a walk with them when you get home and playing with them in the house after supper. Even if you are on the phone with a friend, telling them how you were able to improve your credit score with your rent payments, you can take the time to play with your pet to help them get their exercise in.


  1. Mid-Day Walks 


This may not be possible for everybody but if you work close to home, popping in for a mid-day walk or surprise visit might be just what your pet needs. They may not be as excited as you are that you have learnt how to boost your credit score overnight but they will for sure be excited when you stop in for a surprise visit in the middle of the day!


  1. Extra Love and Attention


Pets (especially dogs) always need a lot of love but living in an apartment makes it especially important to give them attention and care when you are home. You want your pet to know that they are loved and appreciated. Just like you felt appreciated when you found out that you could improve your credit score by reporting your rent through your landlord, your pet will feel appreciated when you give them extra love.


  1. Dog Walking Services


If you can’t be there to do it, many services are set up to hire gig workers to walk your dog or pet if you are not home. This will give your pet that extra bit of exercise when you can’t. You may even be able to tell your dog-walker how you were able to boost your credit score overnight, if they are interested in that kind of thing.


Take Care Of Your Pets


Living with a pet is great but you need to make sure that you are taking great care of them. Follow these tips to make sure they are living their best life. As for you, you should make sure that you are maximizing every aspect of renting an apartment. That means improving your credit score with rent payments.

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