Tips for Moving Into a New Area

I’m Moving into a New Area! How Do I Make Friends?

You’ve just moved to a new area! Everything is unfamiliar and you want to get out and start making friends but where do you begin? Today, there are countless ways to meet people and make new friends. Everything from the old-fashioned way of saying hello to a stranger on a train to high-tech apps that match your interest and personality to others of the same mindset and interest. Don’t wait, get started today!

A New Beginning!

Starting fresh can be challenging. As you are getting settled into your new home, there are a few things to remember.

  • Be open to meeting new people.
  • Have a blast and make new connections!
  • Don’t forget your keys to your new place.
  • Make sure to get credit for renting your new place by reporting your rent and improve your credit score with rent.

Make New Friends!

  1. Use your current network. You would be surprised at how far the reach of your current sphere of influence is. Ask friends, relatives and co-workers about your new home and see if they know of anyone or anyone that knows anyone from there. Get connected and begin building a new network!


  1. Do something new and uncomfortable. This doesn’t sound like great advice but it is. Take a pottery class or martial arts and meet new people there. You will learn something new and may make new lifelong friendships.


  1. Go to the local coffee shops. This is where you can introduce yourself to the staff, explain you are new and take a seat and chill. When people sit down, start up a conversation. What are they excited about? What are their interests? Maybe they are excited that they just started getting credit for renting and are telling you how they have improved credit through rent payments. Amazing!


  1. Use an app. Meet-up groups, Facebook, Instagram and countless others have areas where you can connect with new people of the same interests as you. Like to salsa dance? There’s a group for you! Build model trains? There’s a group for you too! Are you excited about all ways to build up your credit, including improving your credit with rent payments? There may not be a group for that but you can find out how to do that at!


  1. Explore the faith community. Faith communities are well-known for their open-door policy. New members are welcome and you can find people excited to build a relationship with you.


  1. Go to the gym. Many people make and maintain great relationships at the gym. Common interests go a long way in making new friends.


  1. Say “Yes”! This can be difficult for some people but it is a great way to become involved with people you may never have another chance to meet. If the person you meet at the coffee shop invites you to a concert that evening with their friends, check it out. A spin class in the park. Perfect! Archery on the weekend? Why not!

While You are Making New Friends, Get Credit for Renting!

The world is at your fingertips! While you are out making new friends and getting into adventures, don’t forget to get credit for renting and reporting your rent through a credit reporting affiliate program. Improve your credit score with rent today at and live your best life while boosting your credit for paying rent!

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