Landlord – Tenant Has Enrolled

If Your Tenant Has Already Enrolled:

If your tenant has already enrolled with Credit Rent Boost, there is no additional cost for you!  You will only need to:


Verify Their Rent Payments - We will email you a Verification of Rent form. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete!

Landlord Portal - We will also create a Portal so that you can let us know if your tenant moves out or becomes delinquent on rent.

Enroll Other Tenants - you can also enroll other tenants through your portal!


Individual Landlords Only (Not Apartment Complexes or Property Management Companies) – To help prevent fraud, the credit bureaus require us to:

Verify your identity - You can complete the ID verification process, or upload a copy of your photo ID in your Landlord Portal.

Verify property ownership - We can verify property ownership through public records, but occasionally we may require proof from you.

  Improve tenants' credit scores.

  Better Tenant Retention.

  Minimal work is required by you as a landlord.

  Enrolling and updating tenants is made easy! We have direct API connections with Property Management Software and an amazing Landlord Portal.

   Credit Rent Boost’s service is cost-effective for recovering monies due from both existing tenants and tenants who have left without proper payments.

  Tenants who do not pay on time are negatively impacted. Their ability to obtain additional credit is reduced until their credit report is cleared of the negative results posted by the credit bureaus.

  Many of our landlords are using our service to create a new profit center for their communities.

  Account Upgrades: Past Rent Reporting available up to 24 months.

Option 1: Offer your cost to your tenants - Give them a discount off of our retail rates.

Option 2: Pass our retail rates on to your tenants - Create your own revenue stream.

Option 3: Enjoy an affiliate relationship with us - Have your tenants enroll at at our retail rates, and earn $20.00 per unit enrolled.

We report to TransUnion & Equifax.  If you are an Apartment Complex, or Property Management Company, we can also report to Experian.  Experian does require an additional vetting process.    


Renewals & New Leases, on previously enrolled addresses, are billed at only $25.00 per unit.

  • Tenant Photo ID
  • Lease Agreement (Optional) 
  • Landlord  Identification*
  • Proof of Property Ownership*

* Only required for Individual Owners

How it works

3 easy steps to report tenant rent payments!

Our Goal is to make the rent reporting process easy for you – the landlord!
Your Tenant’s can see results in a little as 2 weeks!


Enroll your tenant; submit information about them and their address


Verify The Rent Payments of your Tenant


Your Tenant's Account Is Reported to TransUnion & Equifax