Your financial well being affects almost all aspects of your life; and your credit report and your credit score are tools you can use to measure your financial health - you can view these as similar to a report card and your financial GPA. The Credit Rent Boost blog will offer you information about all aspects of your credit report and score. You will find articles about how to improve your score, the financial items that make up your score, how reporting your rent payments can improve your creditworthiness and your credit score, the benefits of a better credit score, other subject matter related to real estate in general, and so much more.

Credit Repair Vs. Credit Reporting

Your credit score is one of the most important metrics in your financial life, and when it comes to improving it, it may seem like there are a seemingly endless number of services out there to help you achieve an improved credit score. To determine which one is best depends on the where your credit […]

The Benefits of Using Credit Rent Boost

Building your credit is something that can be difficult at all phases of life — from the college years to your adult years, building and maintaining a strong credit score can be a daunting task. Your credit score is an indication of your financial responsibility, which is why landlords and lenders look at your credit […]