Increase your credit score with something you are already doing… paying rent! When you increase your credit score, you become eligible for lower interest rates on car purchases, credit cards, and possibly qualifying to buy a new home.

Our reporting directly to TransUnion is given the same weight as any other trade-line (PER TRANSUNION). A potential new lender does not need to pull a specific report. They can see your history on any TransUnion credit report they access. While some property managers may report to other bureaus through their management software, a potential lender would need to pull that specific report to see the trade-line. And the likely hood of that is slim to none. Furthermore, those trade-lines are not given the same weight as normal reporting.

Past Rent Reporting –
We are able to report the last 24 months of your past rental history.  This helps to add age to your credit profile, which in turn provides a greater increase in your credit score.   Of the five factors in determining your credit score, Length of History contributes 15% to the mix.  Upon enrolling and receiving your lease agreement, photo id, and proof of payments, our verification department will reach out to your landlord and confirm all information.  Upon confirmation, you will receive credit for the last two years of your rent payments!

Current Rent Reporting –
Adding our Current Rent Reporting option to the Past Rent Reporting creates a perfect scenario to not only establish a long history of on-time payments but to also show that you continue to pay in a timely manner. 35% of your credit score is based on how you continue to pay your obligations. Upon enrolling and receiving your lease agreement, photo id, and proof of rent payments, we will reach out to your landlord and confirm all information. Once a month, your landlord will receive an email from our verification department to ensure you have not paid over 30 days late.

How It Works


Range of Increase in Credit Scores –
No two credit profiles are identical.  However, we have generally seen a range of 20 – 60 point increases.  For someone that has not established credit, it is possible for them to get a score above 640 fairly quickly.  On the other side of the spectrum, if someone has an established strong credit profile, with all on-time payments, they will probably see a much lower impact to their credit score – as with adding any new trade line.  It has been our experience that in most cases someone will always pay their rent on time, however, may let a car payment or credit card go late.  If this is the case, they should definitely be reporting their monthly rent payments.  While you should NEVER go late on any payment, you should at least get credit for ALL your on-time payments!

Multiple Address Over 24 Months –
If enrolling in our Past Rent Reporting, we will verify up to three addresses in the last 24 months for no additional charge.  If you have occupied four or more rentals during that timeframe, each additional lease would be $25.

Establishing Credit –
We have worked with many tenants that have never established credit before.  Either being young and just starting out or established and never opening a credit card or financing a vehicle.  Either way, having your rent reported helps to create a strong credit profile and establish a good payment history from the start, without taking on any debt.  You never know when “life will happen” and you will need to borrow additional funds… you should be prepared now!

Timeframe –
Our process is quick and easy!  You can typically see results in two weeks after signing up and submitting your lease, photo ID, and proof of your rent payments.  To help ensure faster service, we ask that you reach out to your landlord or property manager and let them know we will be contacting them.  Your landlord or property manager already knows and loves you, so share the love and make an introduction so our call or email does not come as a surprise to them.

Roommates & Spouses –
We work with all names on the lease, so roommates and spouses can also build their credit. In fact, we offer a multi-tenant discount on current rent reporting. For two tenants, the cost is $60 for the first 12 months of reporting (from today on). If you decided to continue reporting for the next year, you simply renew at a discounted rate. Roommates and spouses can also take advantage of our Past Rent Reporting option!