Do Credit Repair Companies Work Really?

If you’ve ever watched late-night TV shows or listened to any radio commercials, there are high chances that you have seen or heard ads stating that credit repair companies work for real. You might be even wondering about the ads that claim to repair or improve your credit history. If you hear things such as, “we will remove negativities from your credit history forever!” chances are that these are signs of a scam. These can be fake organizations that can dig out some money from you and not even perform any sort of credit repairs. To start with, remember that there isn’t any quick fix to increase your credit score. Here in this article, we are digging more into the basics as well as the legitimate credit repair companies in detail.

What Does A Credit Repair Company Do In General?

In general, credit repair companies don’t do anything that you can’t do. In the first place of your credit repair request, they will be requesting your credit report from different bureaus including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. After they have got hold of all the reports then their next step would be identifying all the negativities and dispute them with the authorities. In case they are successful in doing that, this would surely increase your overall credit. Apart from that, they might also be using numerous other strategies and formulas in order to get all the negative marks removed from your credit credentials. These strategies also include negotiating with the lenders and creditors so that they can strike off the negative credit marks from your credit history. 

What Is The Total Cost Of Credit Repair?

If the credit repair company is legit and can provide you good results with time, then remember their overall service cost must be reasonable. In general, the approx cost of credit repair can range somewhere between $50 to $150 every month. In most of the cases, a reputed credit repair company helps their customers with a free consultation where they will be reviewing all the reports and then pick a package based on your results. For example, a higher package includes some services such as Cease and Desist  letters to lenders and creditors or services such as ID theft protection whereas lower packages include services such as Lender Interventions and Bureau Challenges.

When Do Credit Repair Companies Work Actually?

To answer the question of when do credit repair companies work remember there are a few steps associated with it. 

    • Are There Any Legit Errors In Credit History: The main functionality of a credit repair company is to repair any sort of error from the credit history. These errors can range from simple errors in personal information or to errors in reporting by the creditors. Too much of these errors can hamper your credit score and that’s where a good credit repair organization comes into play. 


  • Credit Issues That Couldn’t Be Verified: Remember that each and every minute detail in your credit report needs to be verified. For example, in case you are having a negative impact on your credit history from a creditor who went out of business, there are chances that the bureaus will be calling them to verify that information on your history and get no answer. In such cases, those negativities get completely removed from your credit score. This is a very common loophole that most of the credit repair services use in order to raise your credit score.   
  • Your Creditors Working With Your Credit Repair Agencies: Most of the reputed credit repair companies that have been working in the industry for a long time know all the tips and tricks of this particular trade. They have both the experience and expertise to negotiate properly with the creditors on your behalf. Remember credit repair isn’t a guaranteed fix of a good credit score. But if you pick a company knowing all the risk factors and with a good previous record, then there are chances for you to avoid getting burnt. 

To find some of the best credit repair companies that do work, check out this piece by, or check out this piece form MoverFocus on credit repair companies and how to avoid scams, both are great resources for further info.


How To Avoid Any Scams Related To Credit Repair

In order to avoid these scams, it is very important to do all your homework. It is easy to pay a fee and get nothing in return. There can even be times when it isn’t the organization’s fault. It can be true that your overall credit report is a hundred percent correct and nothing can be removed. However, the best answers to the question do credit repair company work, and to avoid all the negative thoughts of your mind, is to conduct thorough research. It is always important for you to not believe in any sort of guarantees unless and until you are paying with your credit card or there is a money-back offer.

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