1. How to Choose the Right Place to Rent

    Your Journey to Find the Perfect Place to Rent The process of searching for and finding the perfect rental home can be an exciting adventure. Sure, some of it is tedious but the hunt for a rental that suits your needs can be a journey to remember! It is important to know your…Read More
  2. Take Care of Your Tenants and They Will Take Care of You

    Did you know that many tenants move from their apartments because they feel like they are not valued and their maintenance requests are not dealt with in a timely manner? Out of all the factors that could drive a tenant to another rental, these are the ones that you, as a landlord, have…Read More
  3. When Does It Make More Sense to Rent?

    The dream of owning a home is deeply ingrained in the psyche of the American people. Everybody wants to own a little slice of paradise and be able to pass it along to their heirs. However, owning a home and getting a mortgage isn’t always the best choice for everybody. If you are…Read More
  4. What to Look For When Screening Tenants

    What is the single most important step in owning and operating rental properties? What can give you the highest amount of return compared to time and money spent? Researching the area before you buy a property? Perhaps hiring a professional management company? Is it using a credit reporting system to report rent?  These…Read More
  5. How to Handle Illegal Substance Use as a Landlord

    Illegal Substances When you decide to begin renting your property, you must contend with a few risks. While the risks can be low, you run the chance of having some bad tenants throughout your time as a landlord.  If you are renting property and have people living in one or multiple of the…Read More
  6. The Eviction Moratorium and its Effects

    Covid-19 and the downstream effects of the policies and government response to the situation have had a measurable impact in all sectors of the economy. From eviction moratoriums to reduced employment opportunities and supply chain issues, everyone has been impacted. The eviction moratorium in particular has had a disproportionate effect on landlords, big…Read More
  7. Property Damage Claims & What to Expect

    Property Damage Claims As a landlord, property damage claims are a fact of life. Tenants are never perfect and even in the best possible situation, there will inevitably come a time where, as a landlord, you will deal with a property damage claim. Being a great landlord doesn’t mean that incidents never happen.…Read More
  8. Best Tenant Screening Services- Your Way To The Best Renters

    Renting out your unused property is indeed a great way that can actually help in expanding your business. In case you are a landowner reading this blog, then it can be true that at times you get worried about getting good tenants. You always want to make sure that your tenants would be…Read More
  9. All You Need To Know About Rental History Report

    In general, a rental history report gives all potential landlords a holistic view or timeline of your stay as a tenant. In most cases, a rental history report includes all sorts of previous evictions and outstanding rent. In case you are a potential tenant, looking out for a new place to live in,…Read More
  10. man pushing needle on credit score higher from fair to good

    Best Ways To Build Credit

    If you are new to the world of credit you must have heard the saying, “In order to get credit, you must have  credit history”. Well, this at times can be pretty frustrating and difficult especially for a credit newbie. Most of the big milestones in life such as leasing a car, buying…Read More