Welcome to Credit Rent Boost


Credit for something you already pay for

Roommates and spouses can also receive credit for their payments

Able to establish credit for your past two years of rental payments and

Report the last 24 months of your rental history to your credit report

Recent studies have shown the longer the tradeline reports, the stronger it
Affects your score

No recurring Monthly Fees:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Within just a few minutes you can be fully signed up and can enjoy free rent reporting service.
  • A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau:
    When you increase your credit score, you become eligible for lower interest rates on car
    purchases, credit cards, and possibly qualifying to buy a new home.
  • Our reporting directly to TransUnion is given the same weight as any other trade-line
  • 35% of your credit score is based on how you continue to pay your obligation
    we have generally seen a range of 20 – 60 point increases
  • For someone that has not established credit, it is possible for them to get a score above
    640 fairly quickly.
  • We will verify up to three addresses in the last 24 months for no additional charge.
  • Having your rent reported helps to create a strong credit profile and establish a good
    payment history from the start, without taking on any debt.
  • We work with all names on the lease, so roommates and spouses can also build their
    credit. In fact, we offer a multi-tenant discount on current rent reporting.


We work with owners, landlords, property managers, and apartment complexes of all

We strive to make our process painless for both Landlords and Tenants

This helps tenants establish, build, or repair their credit without having to take on any
additional debt

We typically report to TransUnion twice a month, the first week of each month and
around the middle of the month

You should see your tradeline active directly on your TransUnion report within 2
business days of our reporting; it will generally take longer to see the tradeline on the third-party reports.

Landlord Benefits:

  •  Encourage Timely Payments
  •  Build Loyalty with Your Tenants
  •  Attract Higher Caliber of Tenants
  •  Have your rentals stand out to new potential tenants
  •  Possibility for Quicker Rent Recovery in the Case of Default
  •  Potential New Income Center for Your Community
  •  Low to No Startup Cost
  •  No Monthly Recurring Fees
  •  Lower Default / Eviction Rate
  •  Eliminate Collection Cost
  •  No Additional Work on the Landlord or PMC’s part
  •  Attract New Owners to your Management Firm
  •  If your tenant has already enrolled in our service, there is no cost to you!
  •  Most property management companies and landlords are unable to offer this service due to reporting guidelines and a strict vetting process for the reporter