Battle of Rent Reporting: Credit Rent Boost, Rental Kharma, Rent Track and More

As always, we here at Credit Rent Boost are always looking out for how to give our clients and readers the information they need to make the best decision for their financial health. Whether that’s teaching about credit scores, giving the principles on budgeting, or even providing handy move-in checklists, we want to support our audience in whatever ways they need. Today on the Credit Rent Boost blog we’re going to look at a topic that might surprise some, but we think is necessary to discuss not just Credit Rent Boost as a rent reporting service, but also our competitors in the scene, including folks at Rental Kharma and RentTrack.

Why It’s Important to Talk about Rental Kharma & RentTrack

We are under no illusion that we are the only rent reporting service, and we don’t want our customers to think that either.  What we offer is no ‘magic pill,’ no ‘one neat trick, doctors hate them!’ headline. It’s a solid, real financial service that we provide and while it may sound too good to be true, it is absolutely a reality. Through our rent reporting services, our clients see increases in their credit score as we have described. That’s because the way Credit Rent Boost works is legitimate, that’s why there are competitors out there in the space.
When people discover something so excellent, so revolutionary, yet so clearly effective they have a tendency to ask, ‘Well then, why isn’t everyone doing it?’ The process of using rent reporting to credit bureaus is a new development, but there are several of us business out there laying the groundwork for this new way to ‘fix’ credit. As more and more people are trying to repair their scores, this is going to be a popular growing experience, no doubt.
All of that to say, we mention RentTrack and Rental Kharma (and there are a few others) to solidify not just our own legitimacy, but that of our entire industry. While it sounds like magic, it’s real.

So Why Credit Rent Boost?

Why then, if there are other options should you use Credit Rent Boost over these other services? Read on and we’re sure you’ll see why CRB is the right option for you!

  • Rental Kharma charges $6.95 per month for rent reporting and $5 per month (up to 24 months) for past rental history. That’s almost double what Credit Rent Boost charges! We offer prices as low as $3.75/month for ongoing and $2.50/month for past reporting! If you think others in the industry can beat that pricing, you’d be wrong! Go check if you like, we’re proud to offer the lowest prices in the industry!
  • Credit Rent Boost can report to both TransUnion and Equifax credit bureaus. That’s huge! And we aren’t stopping there. We are constantly working on improving our credit reporting game, and looking to add other bureaus. *Note: not all tenants qualify for Equifax reporting, as it requires more effort on the part of landlords, something not all are willing to do.
  • Some rent reporting agencies, like RentTrack, require you to pay your rent directly to them, then they will pay your landlords. This adds an unnecessary step and more room for errors. What happens when you pay your rent to this third party and it never makes it way to your landlord? Some apartments are quick to issue those eviction notices. A mistake like that could cost you dearly! At Credit Rent Boost, we work directly with tenants and landlords to ensure payment history. You keep paying your rent, to the same folks as always, and we make sure you get credit for it. It’s that simple!

Sure, there are other options out there. They exist, we would not ever try to deny that. But we know that what you need are results, quickly, and with minimum change to your monthly habits. That’s why Credit Rent Boost operates the way we do, why we offer payment plans with no additional fees and can cancel anytime. We’re not here to make a billion dollars (though who would say no to that?) we’re here to help our customers regain their financial independence, to build a strong financial foundation for all their future hopes and dreams – whatever they may be.
So, go ahead, take a look at the other guys and see what they are pedaling. When you’re ready to enroll with Credit Rent Boost, we’ll be here to help you on your credit repair journey!

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