Are Higher Mortgage Rates Good for Real Estate Investors?

From the outside, higher mortgage rates may seem like a disaster for any real estate investor. They all have mortgages and the higher the interest the more they pay on each home, right? How could that be good?

While that part is true, there are other factors that play a part in determining if higher mortgage rates end up being beneficial. Similar to how, even though your rent costs money every month, you can leverage that by getting credit for renting with the boost credit affiliate program from Using rent you are already paying, you can get a credit boost.

As you can see, your rental cost has a potential upside that may not be known to everyone. Higher mortgage rates could be viewed in this way as well. How?

How Can Higher Mortgage Rates Be Good?

  1. Supply

Higher rents mean that there will be fewer people moving for fear of having to pay significantly more after moving into a new home. That means that you can add to the supply to the market when the supply is low.

  1. Demand

Higher mortgage rates will mean tougher mortgage qualifications. This will inevitably lead to fewer people applying and qualifying for mortgages, waiting till the market cools down. This equals more renters in the market for rental homes.

  1. Competition

Buying a home is about finding the right place at the right price. This process is so much easier with less competition from other buyers. You may even have the upper hand in negotiations you have with a home seller.

  1. Supply Chain 

As labor shortages and supply chain issues continue to clog up the construction industry, less new housing is available to buy. These people have to live somewhere and your rental property may be exactly what they need.

  1. Economy 

Raising interest rates is actually a good sign for the economy. In the end, a strong economy is good for any type of investment, including real estate.

Higher Mortgage Rates: Good or Bad?

A rental property is a business and you purchase a business based on its profit potential for the future. Even with higher mortgage rates, rental properties and real estate investments seem to continue to be great potential profit makers. 

As a renter, you can use your rent for an additional benefit with It allows renters to get a credit boost and get credit for renting by using their boost credit affiliate program. Check today to see how you can get a credit boost easily and efficiently.

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