1. Excellent way to help people!

    03/26/2022 ★★★★★   Am a new client, however, I think that reporting rent to credit bureaus is an excellent way to help people build credit. I wish this had been created years ago.

    Dede R
  2. Super helpful!

    ★★★★★ 03/31/2022 I’m so glad I got started with Rent Boost. Everyone was super helpful with the starting process. Definitely recommend this to everyone!

    Slice D
  3. Awesome customer service!

    02/28/2022 ★★★★★ Credit rent Boost is professional and has great customer service. They are reliable..

    Alexander K
  4. Professional, Knowledgeable & Understanding!

    03/02/2022 ★★★★★ Just before February 2022 ended, I spoke to Miquel Alvarez about the following: -Enrollment -the link for the review -free expedited service Besides him being professional,knowledgeable & understanding, he is certainly a people oriented which is an asset to any company.

    Michele P
  5. I got excited!

    03/05/2022 ★★★★★   I googled rent reporting to the credit bureau, I wasn’t sure if there really was such a thing. There was! “Credit rent boost.com” popped up. I got excited! I really got excited watching the YouTube clipping Joan made talking about her experience with the company. I did a little more…Read More

    Twanda G
  6. I’m very excited!

    03/10/2022 ★★★★★   Dylan was amazing at helping me at Credit Rent Boost! I’m very excited to continue to build my relationship with Credit Rent Boost!

    Larisa R
  7. Awesome company!

    03/15/2022 ★★★★★   This is an awesome company that's very professional and attentive to your needs. Dylan is an absolute pleasure to work with and definitely should be considered an invaluable asset to the company. He helped to exoudite my file in a timely fashion. Thank you once again for all of your…Read More

    Lawrence H
  8. Good experience!

    03/17/2022 ★★★★★   Had a good experience with Credit Grand boost it’s all my questions and help me out along way with my Reno reporting journey thanks from Antony brown

    Robert B
  9. Provides excellent service!

    03/23/2022 ★★★★★   This company provides excellent service glad that they can report my on my credit so I can get my stuff straight!

    Jesus S
  10. So amazing and genuine!

    ★★★★★ 11/25/2021   The customer service and support that I received from credit rent boost was so amazing and genuine that I for once in my life have only those two words to describe my experience with this God Sent team of credit improvers. I have to mention Miquel in particular. His calm…Read More

    Gloria R