I googled rent reporting to the credit bureau, I wasn’t sure if there really was such a thing. There was! “Credit rent boost.com” popped up. I got excited! I really got excited watching the YouTube clipping Joan made talking about her experience with the company. I did a little more research before I jumped onboard with “Credit Rent Boost” I looked up the reviews. I was totally blown away with such amazing reviews from everyone! After that, I was SOLD! It was a finished DEAL! I was ALLLLL in for the WIN! I reached out to speak to someone by phone, I got the infamous Miguel, everyone had been talking about in their reviews. He was everything they said he was…… I also got a chance to talk with another one of their GREAT team members whom helped me out as well. Both these guys were very knowledgeable and had their stuff down packed. They explained everything

Twanda G