When I first heard of the ability to boost your credit score through your rental history, I was shocked and a bit skeptical so I did my research on several companies offering such services! I must admit Credit Rent Boost was one of the companies, whom reviews were more positive and negatives. Other companies like Rental Kharma only report to one bureau at this time. I discovered that Credit Rent Boost reports to two bureaus so this was ANOTHER PLUS+! Truth be told there wasn’t any negatives, after reading the team’s response to the customers complaint: MOST if not all problems were resolved and only related to *expedited orders. With that said I chose not to expedite my order, but placed a standard order of 24 months past and ongoing. The onboarding was smooth. I WILL SAY I’M A PERSON THAT STAYS ON TOP OF THINGS SO I IMMEDIATELY NOTIFIED MY LANDLORD IN ADVANCE SO THAT HE WOULD BE IN THE LOOP IN REGARDS TO THE ENTIRE PROCESS so this heads up and proactive approach on my end helped out too and getting the documents verified quickly. I say this because I did read people’s complaint, which was delays due to the landlord not being available or as prompt. Objectively, I feel as though this is not the company’s issue but the tenant and landlords.so I played it forward and reached out to my landlord in advance DYLAN was also on top of reaching out to my landlord. Because I’ve been renting with my landlord for more than 4 years, he even suggested that I submit all of my leases so that the age on my account could be reported beyond 24 months and I thought this was awesome! Last but not least, I spoke with the team about how important it was for me to get this account in history reported before the 5th of the next month and DYLAN offered to expedite my order, in a very professional manner and request. Overall I’m extremely pleased and look forward to my report being expedited and also my credit score increasing tremendously because of such a tremendous service! Fingers crossed I’m hoping for 50 or more points with 5 years of credit/rental history! No matter what I’m happy with this company. TIFFANY H. Colorado Residence

Tiffany H