12 Ways to Quickly Improve Credit Score

Credit scores have always been considered as metrics that are awfully confusing or misunderstood. This is due to the fact that credit reports are based on such minute details that are likely to be overlooked.

Here are some possible ways how to build credit or quickly improve your score:

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Score:

This is the alpha principle when it comes to credit boosting. Be vigilant about checking your credit reports.  Any discrepancies should be reported immediately. In fact, every credit bureau is obligated to provide you with a free credit report on an annual basis.

Timely Bill Payments:

Paying your bills before the due date is also very beneficial. This is mainly because on-time bill payments can significantly improve your credit score over time. However, any sort of delay in payments can have consequences and they are more prone to bring your credit score down.

Increasing Your Credit Limit:

Your credit limit is basically the credit that you’re allotted with based on your income but you can always improve your credit score by using a lower percent of your total limit. . For instance, if you have a credit card with a limit of $500, then you can put up a request to double the credit amount.  If your request is granted and you only have one credit card you have reduced your credit card utilization from 100% to 50%.  This can significantly boost your credit score.

Divide and Conquer:

Dividing your credit utilization is proven to be the most effective method to minimize collateral and maximize efficiency. Your credit score is no different! You can open up new accounts to segment your credit reporting into two separate mediums instead of one. This contributes to an increased credit score.

Rid Yourself of Debts:

Debt is the ultimate rival of your credit score. Debt can continuously reduce your credit score. Too much debt, particularly credit card debt, will impact your ability to obtain a mortgage or  loans for other purposes.

Monitor your Credit Utilization Rate:

Your Credit Utilization Rate is an important element in determining your credit score.  It is part of a long equation based on how much  credit you have used vs total credit available to you.  The higher your credit limit, the lesser your Credit Utilization Rate. The result is an improved credit score.

Patience is the Key:

Credit scores don’t bump up a couple of hundred points overnight. The first thing required to boost credit score would be patience. It needs to be coupled with a decent strategy as to how you’re going to keep payments on time, reducing debt, and increasing your credit limits.

Consider Programs to Boost your Score:

There are several credit boosting programs that can guide you through to boosting your credit score. These programs are typically offered by credit bureaus themselves.

Even the Minute Details Matter:

Having a conceptual understanding of credit scores and all its relevant metrics such as FICO™ scores is an essential part of the process. Even the smallest details matter. The slightest of setbacks should be reported or claimed immediately to avoid any inconvenience.

Take a Fresh Start:

Taking a fresh start usually refers to a clean slate, but with credit scores, you cannot wipe them off completely. However, you can always start a new account. This will replenish the standing of your Credit Utilization Rate to some extent.

The More, The Merrier:

This principle deals with your credit score when it is facing an all-time low or at risk of jeopardizing your credibility. If you have any active credit cards that are not in use or any accounts that are not yet dormant, then their inclusion can help in increasing your credit score.

Turn Yourself into an Authorized User:

You can consult a family member, other relative or friend with a stable or excellent credit score to assist you with boosting yours. They can add you as an authorized user to their account; as a result, your affiliation would mean a decrease in Utilization Rate and an increase in your credit score.

The above-mentioned tips can help you go a long way from an all-time low of 500 to 700 and above, given the appropriate amount of time. The progress may be gradual and slow, but it surely is worth the effort as lend a hand with your finances for years to come.

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