1. Should You Use a Collection Agency to Collect Unpaid Rent?

    Collecting unpaid rent… the bane of all landlords. In a perfect world, you would avoid this situation altogether. However, there is a chance that you will be put in a position where you have to decide if you want to use a collection agency to collect your unpaid rent for you. Here are…Read More
  2. Should I Flip My Investment Property or Rent It?

    Tips for Moving Into a New Area

    I’m Moving into a New Area! How Do I Make Friends? You’ve just moved to a new area! Everything is unfamiliar and you want to get out and start making friends but where do you begin? Today, there are countless ways to meet people and make new friends. Everything from the old-fashioned way…Read More
  3. Should I Flip My Investment Property or Rent It?

    Do You Have Enough Insurance?

    As property value increases, do you need to increase your insurance coverage? One of the best aspects of real estate investing is the potential for large increases in property value, leading to a great return on your investment. As these property values increase, it is important to keep an eye on your insurance…Read More
  4. Why You Need Tenant Insurance

    Renting has a lot of perks. No need to be concerned about maintenance. No property taxes. You can get better credit with rent history using rent credit services (and even increase your credit by 100 points overnight!). When you rent, it is as worry-free as living on your own can ever be. This…Read More
  5. Dog Apartment Active

    Pets and Rentals. Is Allowing Them a Good Choice?

    As a landlord, you have to make decisions about your rental property that will affect the quality and amount of income you receive from your property. Questions that span the entire spectrum of your rental property. Should I provide rent credit services and offer ongoing credit reporting to my tenants (and let them…Read More
  6. Move-In Checklist for New Tenants

    How to Save Money When Moving to a New Place

    Moving, though exciting, can be an expensive process. It can be made even more expensive if you don’t plan for it! Knowing how to save money and pinch your pennies when moving can put some extra cash in your pocket, giving you a bit more freedom to make purchases after you move into…Read More
  7. How to Combat Inflation as a Tenant

    How to Combat Inflation as a Tenant

    Inflation. Everyone is talking about it and it unfortunately has become a fact of life that you will be living with for years to come. It may seem like a challenge as big and complex as inflation may be too big for you to do anything about. This is false!   There are…Read More
  8. Damage Deposits: What are the Rules?

    Damage Deposits: What are the Rules?

    Both moving into a new apartment and moving out can be exciting and nerve-racking. The thing that often stresses people out the most is their damage deposit. How much will they get back? What is considered regular wear and tear? What can you do to ensure you get the most back possible?  …Read More
  9. Should I Flip My Investment Property or Rent It?

    Should I Flip My Investment Property or Rent It?

      This is an age-old debate that continues to be hotly discussed with strong opinions on either side. Here is the truth of it. What you should do with your property depends on your goals. One route will work great for one person and not for another. You need to know what you…Read More
  10. How Many Rental Properties Does It Take to Retire?

      Everyone involved in real estate investing has one thing in common. No matter their background or nationality, they are all thinking about and building towards their future. They are planning for their retirement years. If this is you and you are using rental properties as a way to finance your retirement, a…Read More